• Dupont Fibers

DuPont fiber is a material that is very soft to the touch material. It is also more elastic and offers greater moisture hold and release ability than ordinary fiber hairs. It is soft and skin-friendly, fluffy, does not drop hairs, and does not stick to the face. DuPont fiber doesn’t trigger allergies either.

This DuPont material is smooth without hair scales and doesn’t absorb beauty products too much.

When using wet products such as liquid foundation, lip gloss, blusher, and concealer, it is best to choose Dupont fibers. These fibers amplify the hydrating properties of these products.


  • Nanofibers 

Nanometer fibers are a new super fiber that is created using precise nanometer technology. The unique structural design of each synthetic bristle imitates that of animal hair, yet is far superior to regular artificial hair fibers.

Nanofibers are perfect for the following makeup tools: loose powder brush, blush brush, foundation brush, concealer brush, and lip brush. These fibers are regularly used for facial makeup.


  • Goat Hair

Goat hair offers a great blend of moderate stiffness and softness. The top portion of this fiber offers a soft texture much like silk. At the same time, goat hair’s bottom portion has excellent elasticity and durable. The hair root is very thin, and the hair peaks are straight and pointed. This combination of features enable goat hair to firmly grasp chroma and powder.

The softness and elasticity of the goat hair offer the kind of delicate balance required by certain types of makeup. It is mostly used for eye brushes, loose powder brushes, and blush brushes. One goat hair brush variant feature complete hair scales. The softness of the hair fiber allows for full saturation enabling even lip color matching without irritating the skin.


  • Horsetail  Hair

Horsetail brush is soft, anti-static, extremely water absorbent and offers thorough cleaning. Soft and impervious to the weather, this animal hair type is also resistant to alkali corrosion. Its structure is so firm and full that bristles made from it don’t fall off easily.

Given its qualities, horsehair is usually used to make short eye shadow makeup brushes. It has strong coloring and blooming properties and is suitable for eye shadow and powder products.


All EIGSHOW animal hair fibers are cruelty-free and come from long time dependable and steady suppliers.