It's nice to meet you, babe.

In 2013 a group of industry professionals from NYC came together to create innovative, creative, high-quality makeup brushes, tools, and supplies for makeup enthusiasts everywhere. We brought together the best of the best from beauty gurus and influencers to industry professionals and curators to create the best possible beauty tools possible. Our goal was to create high-end cosmetic brushes designed by professionals with years of experience for everyday makeup enthusiasts. We are EIGSHOW beauty, it's an absolute pleasure to meet you, babe.


We're based in NYC and have been blessed to have a team of dedicated professionals to bring you the best possible in beauty tools. Our brushes are designed to the last detail and we tightly control every aspect of the process. From our natural premium goat hair selection to our synthetic brush fibers to the authentic wooden handle design, we care about every piece that goes into the brushes you are holding in your hands today.
Every single one of our designs is inspired by what our team seems regularly here at home in NYC and from you guys. The creative designs and artistry you guys share with us every day inspire us to think about how we can help make your designs better. Our team consists of professional makeup artists, high-end beauty influencers, and beauty professionals with years and years of experience. We travel the world going to exhibitions, beauty cons and meet with high-end brands regularly, but at the end of the day, we can hand down say our greatest inspiration comes from what you guys post on Instagram. To simply put it, you guys are our greatest inspiration.
No pressure, we promise:) 


We strive to better your beauty routines every day, we want to be the beginning of every beautiful, aesthetic, masterpiece you ladies create and by infusing the highest quality materials, textures and designs into our brushes, we hope to add that extra wow factor to your creations. It blows us away every time some of the creations you all put together. Us girls constantly share what you all are doing on Instagram with each other and wondering how the hell you are all so gorgeous.